MATV and Television Distribution

With the move to digital television and digital radio transmission formats, the design, installation and commissioning of the MATV system is crucial in achieving reliable television and radio reception. Clever Living has been designing and installing high quality digital MATV systems to clients since the move to digital broadcast was announced. The technology allows far greater channel density and vastly improved signal quality and service delivery, but must be implemented correctly and commissioned precisely to ensure reliable reception.

The design of the system is fundamental in the overall performance and without suitable design consideration, the final result can be hit or miss. We will not ever design a system which provides anything less than excellent signal quality and signal level to every outlet. As digital based technology has become more readily available and cost effective, and with the imminent cessation of the analogue TV network, any MATV network designed and installed must be digital capable. The inclusion of security cameras and other devices onto the MATV network can remain achievable using analogue modulators as a cost effective solution, or using digital modulators where the need and budget is available.