Environment Control

Environmental control integrates into the audio visual or control systems, services such as:

  • Lighting control
  • Blinds and window furnishing control
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning control
  • Under floor and slab heating
  • Heated towel rail control
  • Window opening control

These services may be included as a method to reduce energy usage or simply as a means to provide a more comfortable environment with unified control operation. Most air conditioning manufacturers provide a high level interface to allow a control system to provide basic control functionality. The control system does not replace the air conditioning controller but connects to it to allow the operator to have one point of control. It may be desirable to provide a schedule for the operation of the heated towel rails so that they operate in the morning and evening but only when the external temperature is below 28 degrees. Similarly, it may be required that blinds are lowered in the afternoon of a westerly facing room when the external temperature is above 25 degrees to ensure timber joinery is not sunlight or heat effected.

Provided the control system is connected to the devices supplying the environmental control, any combination of operation and functionality is achievable.