Display Technology

Many options are available for the display of media. Projection systems have decreased significantly in cost and high definition projectors are no longer the realm of expensive purpose built theaters. It is possible to design multipurpose spaces where a conventional display provides viewing for day to day television and a motorised projection screen is revealed when a movie or presentation is required. A multitude of display technologies are available and their application is dependent upon the environment and lighting conditions. Careful selection is made to ensure that the screen meets performance expectations and provides a long and satisfactory operating life.

Displays can be mounted on fixed brackets, motorised arms, lifts or ceiling mechanisms. The display could be concealed in joinery and raised when required or hidden above the ceiling and lowered for viewing. Similarly, the display may be located against a wall and pivoted out automatically to allow viewing from a spa or other area. For the wide array of display types, there are mounting and mechanism styles to suit.