Controlled Lighting

Electronic controlled lighting has been available for residential applications for many years and whilst often thought of as being predominantly aimed at the commercial market, it now has a strong application base for use in homes with products specifically designed for this market.

Functionality and ambiance can be achieved with lighting control which cannot be achieved with conventional lighting. When lighting is controlled electronically, the area to be controlled and the lighting circuits contained within that area are often considered in terms of ‘scenes’.

For example, in the ‘dining’ scene of a dining room, general lighting may be dimmed considerably with a pendant light over the dining room table at half brightness and surrounding lamps in the room at 80%. This configuration can be fine-tuned to achieve the exact look that the designer or owner wants to achieve for the occasion. Other scenes might include ‘after dinner’ where the lighting levels are reduced to provide a more relaxed feel, ‘cleaning’ where the light levels are high or ‘night’ where the lighting in the space generates ambiance only for an adjoining space such as the living room. Additional functionality which these types of lighting control systems enable and which cannot be achieved using conventional lighting are:

  • ‘All Off’ where all lighting and controlled circuits are turned off from the press of one button
  • Zone functions where a specific area or floor is controlled
  • ‘Home’ where a specific set of circuits are controlled for arriving home at night
  • ‘Away’ where a specific set of circuits are controlled whilst away from home. This function may be time based where the control system provides a specific scene at a particular time via an integrated time clock
  • ‘Panic’ where most or all lighting is turned on fully

Additional benefits of this type of lighting control are gained with integration of other aspects of the audio visual system. Electronically controlled lighting allows lighting control to be made available on a remote for a home theater or living room system and also allows integration of blind and window furnishing control with the same lighting control panel.

Clever Living is very experienced in lighting design and programming of both Dynalite and C-Bus systems. We have undertaken systems from a small number of controlled channels to over one thousand channels. One of our dynalite lighting projects was featured in AV Magazine.