1. What if I don’t like the design and I have already paid a deposit?

Clever Living offers a one hundred per cent money back guarantee on the concept design. This means that if for any reason you are not satisfied with Clever Living’s initial design and you do not wish to proceed, you will be provided with a full refund.

2. What if I don’t know how to operate the equipment once it is installed?

Learning and understanding the new technology can be a daunting prospect for many people. At the conclusion of each project, Clever Living provides extensive training for all end users. End users are provided with the opportunity to test and trial the equipment, to ask questions and to have modifications and further training occur. A manual with trouble shooting tips and customised Quick Reference Guides are supplied to clients.

Unlike most companies, Clever Living provides a ninety day after sales support service free of charge. During this period, if you need assistance or further training on how to use your equipment, or you would like some equipment control modifications, Clever Living will happily make the changes free of charge. We do not view our job as complete until our clients are one hundred per cent satisfied with the result.

3. What if my equipment breaks down after the warranty period?

At the conclusion of a project, clients have the option to take up a preventative maintenance program. Our preventative maintenance programs are designed to ensure audio visual equipment is routinely cleaned, inspected, serviced and maintained. The benefits of a maintenance program are:

Peace of mind that equipment will perform as expected in times of need
Potential problems with equipment can be detected early and rectified
Prompt service if and when something does go wrong with the equipment
Time savings from ensuring equipment performs when required
Less likelihood of equipment break down during day to day use
Financial savings through increased life expectancy of the equipment
Whatever a client’s needs, we can tailor a maintenance program specifically to meet those needs. It may range from a fully optioned annual agreement with all consumable items covered and detailed turn around response times to a less structured service agreement.

4. What if the project outcome does not meet my expectations?

Clever Living has developed a seven step approach to all projects. The seven step approach requires certain tasks and documentation to be completed at each project step. These mandatory requirements for each step helps to ensure that the end result is as per the original design. The seven step approach enables clients to be kept informed throughout the project. Clients have an opportunity to voice concerns and to contribute to the ongoing works. If for some reason the end result is not as per client expectations, as part of the ninety day support program, Clever Living will undertake any modifications necessary to meet their expectations.

5. Can I change my mind on equipment choice during the project?

Many consumer items frequently change in model and technology. Clever Living will always provide the option to purchase these items as close to the time of need as possible. When a client requests to exchange equipment purchased through Clever Living, we always try to accommodate the request. Occasionally however a supplier is unable to accept a return on equipment.

6. Apart from audio visual equipment, is there any other equipment you can control?

Yes, Clever Living can design and program for the control of lighting, blinds, security, access, lift call systems, data installation and projects requiring unique engineering applications. Integrating as many aspects as possible into the same control equipment enables greater convenience for the end user as there are less individual buttons and controls to lose or to learn how to operate.

7. If my project requires RTI, AMX or Crestron and Dynalite programming, is Clever Living experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of programming and equipment control?

Clever Living has qualified AMX, Crestron, Dynalite and RTI programmers. Some of our programmers have in excess of twenty five years of programming experience. All of our programmers must undertake an intensive in-house training program before being permitted to work on client projects.

We have three programming checklists which must be completed by our programmers at different stages of a project. These checklists aid in providing quality assurance that the systems operate correctly. Clever Living was recently an AMX award finalist for home automation design and systems control.

Clever Living was recently featured in “AV” magazine for their lighting design and control automation of a 200 square residence set on approximately 20 acres. The design enables the control of security, communication, satellite data, MATV, audio visual amplification and distribution and dimmable lighting control channels both internally and externally.

8. Do you have skills, knowledge and experience in all facets of audio visual works not just in the installation?

Clever Living was established in 2003. The director of Clever Living has been designing and consulting in the audio visual industry for in excess of twenty five years. Many audio visual companies along with architects and general service engineers or consultants will state that they have audio visual experience. Depending on the complexity of the project, unless they have experience in all facets from the design to the programming of the control equipment, the end result could be disastrous, especially on large scale projects.

If the initial design is poor, regardless of the scale of the project, no matter how skilled the programmer is, the control system operation will be problematic. This could result in huge rectification costs and lost time. Often an electrical engineer, general services consultant, architect or even some audio visual companies may not have the engineering knowledge or capacity to customise a design to specific client requirements. When selecting an audio visual provider, it is worthwhile considering their engineering capabilities, their equipment knowledge and the after sales support they can offer. Architects, general service consultants and engineers who are not specialised in the audio visual field may find it difficult to identify design issues or rectify equipment programming faults or to provide audio visual after sales support and rectification.

9. Do you have access to a wide range of audio visual products at competitive prices?

Yes, because Clever Living specialises in the audio visual industry, we have access to many suppliers where we can purchase items exclusively and at very competitive prices. Not only is this a price benefit to our clients, but it also enables us to offer a wide variety of tried and tested products which we know will stand the test of time. Clients can save money through the long life expectancy of the equipment. Architects, general engineers or service providers and small audio visual companies often do not have the pricing benefits, choices and audio visual knowledge and experience to be able to make unbiased equipment decisions which are in the best interests of their clients. Offering our clients the latest and most suitable technology not only saves our clients money, but it can also add prestige to a company or home.

Clever Living is not affiliated with any specific brands or products. There are many considerations to weigh up before equipment is selected for a project. Some of these considerations include the client’s budget, the purpose of the equipment and its application, the end users and their specific requirements and their technical knowledge and experience.

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