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Question: Do you offer any money back guarantees?

Answer: At the end of the concept design, if you are unhappy for any reason at all, Clever Living guarantees a one hundred percent refund

Question: Do you provide after sales support free of charge?

Answer: Clever Living provides a ninety day, unlimited after sales support program, free of charge.

Question: Are you a specialist in audio visual design, installation and programming of control equipment?

Answer: Clever Living has undertaken over 350 projects since its inception in 2003. The director of Clever Living has won a Prince Phillip Prize and Australian Design Award for the joint design of the “Lectrumette,” a presentation podium. Clever Living has publications in “Venue” and “AV” magazines for audio visual project design for Toyota Melbourne headquarters and the design, installation and automated control of a 200 square residence located in regional Victoria.

Question: Are your programmers experienced in all types of control equipment?

Answer: Clever Living has qualified and fully trained AMX, Crestron, Dynalite and RTI programmers. Clever Living was an AMX finalist for home automation design and systems control in 2010.

Question: If you are involved in security systems, do you have security accreditation?

Answer: Clever Living has security accreditation enabling the installation and control of security equipment. This gives clients reassurance that police checks have been undertaken and references verified.

Question: Are you able to provide evidence that your projects work?

Answer: Clever Living has client testimonials to support the fact that their projects work. Magazine publications and awards also indicate the success of Clever Living’s projects.

Question: Do you offer any AV preventative maintenance programs?

Answer: Clever Living has several preventative maintenance programs to choose from ranging from quarterly to annual agreements with minimal turnaround time to less structured arrangements.

Question: Can the audio visual service be customised to meet client specific requirements?

Answer: Clever Living is not affiliated with any particular brands or products. Equipment is selected purely on meeting client needs. Clever Living provides both Commercial and Residential audio visual services. Commercial projects range from board room AV designs and installation to lecture theaters and conference rooms. Residential projects range from home theatres to fully automated homes.